The captain announced that the spirit of life is a strange Side Story


Developer dontnod entertainment, life is Strange is known from series. At Microsoft’s E3 conference, Square Enix and Dontnod, life is strange, who is to be a Side Story to the captain, in the spirit of the game announced. The spirit of Captain will quit at the end of this month and the first episode free .

Spirit life is a strange Side Story, the announcement was made Captain

Microsoft’s E3 announced a new game at a press conference in dontodent enertainment 2018. Strange life a world which will be in the game, looks like we’re going to ride on a small child in a fantasy world. Square Enix, 26 June 2018 PS4, Xbox One and PC, I predict the first chapter will be free of. 2018 Microsoft E3 presentation, in the spirit of Captain for the announcement trailer was released. As a little kid, we used to love to we all dream. Some of us who wanted to be our police to be a superhero. Spirit Captain trailer, from what we understand, a small child’s dreams, we’ll make the journey. We will return to our own childhood, we can say that a little bit. Storytelling about a very successful company, dontnod Entertainment’s new game’s announcement trailer below you can watch captain spirit.