The British Army is landing squad realistic war game


War simulation games , which is one of today’s most important representatives in the squad, 50, 50 large number of players in the Map in strategic combat experience. About the game in alpha for three years in the process. Through steam early access. However, previously winning the affections of players with realistic combat modes designed production company Offworld Industries, continues to develop as squad to keep it up to date and content. Alpha 11 update , along with the British Army has been added to the game.

The British Army is coming squad

Realistic combat of war of the atmosphere and aiming to keep alive one of the strategies squad recent update,with the British armed forces added to the game when a new map and new weapons are provided for the use of squad players also. Tactics, planning, strategy, leadership, and communication is very important in FPS war game squad the process of development continues. The output of the map number in the first years the variety of weapons the game is quite limited, while later in the game new maps, weapons and armored vehicles to the mechanics of constructing the trench with were added. Currently the game through steam interface in conjunction with the Turkish’to eat are sold. You can watch the promotional video below for the alpha 11 update is published.