The boy’s father was playing Go Pokemon hanging from the balcony..


I’m sure you’ve seen on news channels or Internet sites. Recently in Paris the capital of France, a little boy and almost 4 year old hanging from the balcony he came face to face with death. The biggest reason in the world to spread the news of this child into the building Spiderman was climbing the rescue of one of like. Quite an interesting detail to occur following the completion of the investigation.

Pokemon Go back on the agenda with interesting news

Of freedom according to the news, the Father who left the child alone at home, quite interesting in the investigation gave place to an expression. “But then I went to the store to do some shopping walking the road Go Pokemon so I decided to play. Go that day I was playing Pokemon , and for that reason it’s a little late for you to come home”, explains his father, who is pretty upset about the situation reports that have been added.

Up to 2 years of imprisonment will not be the case, and the trial will begin in the month of September of your father. How much is free for now, although it looks like it’s going to bear the brunt of neglect, this important. Go Pokemon all have different bodies and after months of news, it’s still a pretty interesting story this time around was created.