The big three of the team works sea thieves for updates


In recent months the game fun pirates Sea of Thievesin a short time, pass the Xbox game‘with the help of millions of players is reached. However, due to the lack of content, quickly coming to the end of the game players in a short period of time left in the game. Because of its structure, constantly offering players the same actions of thieves Sea from developers, will bring major updates to the game with the aim to stop this trend. Even Rare in itself these updates the team has established a team of developers for the Big Three. These developer teams just focusing on the updates, will try to bring players back to the game.

Next big updates thieves of the sea

However, it is not certain that players will not return back to the game. Because according to the statistics that emerged yesterday, thieves of the sea of players in half, Pass the Xbox game‘s has left the game come back to the game when the trial period is over. So probably will get a discount on the price of the game or Microsoft, or Xbox games that will attract players back will make some changes, even small pass system. Currently the Xbox Oneas the most valuable brand owned thieves of the sea we are the future of all.