The Battle Royale mode, this time has done what it has done h1z1 pubg


Battle Royale started as shown that the type of the game H1Z1for the first time, his opponent PUBG‘s where an event could not have signed up to. Recently on the side console , the PlayStation 4 coming out for H1Z1, unlike pubg gives pretty good performance on console. Optimization by the game without any worries thanks to the PlayStation 4 users outside an alternative fortnite battle Royale became a game. Battle Royale offers realistic experience fluently h1z1 console unlike the Xbox One still suffers from optimization problems pubg on the side.

H1z1 pubg better than console performance

Already PC from the side and Miramar on the map the game still couldn’t get PUBG Corp bringing new PlayStation 4 console. Because Sony, it was hard for early access games,since the PlayStation 4 owners that the optimization wants to play games properly. The PlayStation 4 Open Beta cross platform with the PC wing are in the process of h1z1 it is not yet clear whether it is met.

But developers cross-platform even though they were hopeful about, here’s the Sony‘s must give consent. Check some games from Sony, which unlike other companies, cross-platform topic he doesn’t look very moderate.