The Avengers: Infinity war review / Spoilers (Intimacy included)


First, for the record, in this article, The Avengers: Infinity War is very abundant about the movie SPOILER (surprise kidnapped) are available. So if you haven’t seen the movie immediately if this spoiler free news and read our review. That review can also be found here.

To no surprise to you that after reading this article, I say in this post will be quite a sincere post. I guess the question of Marvel and the Avengers, or even Avengers: Infinity War (Yes, I’m a fan) for me all the walls in between the leaves. A little bit more for my years as a 90s kid I’m lucky. I’ll never forget that, because exactly 10 years ago, so when he was 14 years old my mom had me Iron Man by the name of a movie would lead to said. I was lucky, or to me it was my chance; my mother is a fan of Marvel. Of course, at that time, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) I wasn’t so knowledgeable about. I went and watched ever since, I couldn’t leave out of the MCU. I have researched the stories of heroes as much as possible, a 10-year period in all the movies and series I watched. In every movie, I was really excited, and I waited impatiently for her to enter first, but none of the Avengers: Infinity War‘s side by he wasn’t. Fortunately, this anticipation ended as of yesterday, and the film I watched with a big hype. How do you like it? Actually, so the real question is: so much of-year expectations met? The answer I can give Is this; the greatest marvel, the best, was the best movie! Thanos, you’re in exquisite detail!

The Avengers: Infinity war what happened?

Before we go to quite a lot of talk in the Office turned to the movie movie. Especially your brother (Ersin Sword) and go as a ticking time bomb in the office to premiere SPOILER to wander, and gave vague hints about the end of the movie was an almost indescribable thrill of messing with our heads or something. But that last 2-3 challenging to get through the day after going to a movie, everything changed. (P.S. as a side note; pretty much IMAX 3D for this movie is enjoyable) in my mind when I got to the door of the cinema for a long time the fear appeared again. Thanos the army I’m a fan of the Black Order, I wonder how it would be? Order the Black marvel in hopes of giving the value it deserves I went to the gym. In your opinion what happened? Unfortunately, I was afraid of that. Marvel made a fool of the Black order. Vision and the scarlet witch and the film in the first place there’s the first battle of the Black order, do you remember? Behold, Proxima Midnight‘s almost administering justice war? There’s exactly what I said, “Oh, I’m really scared will happen.” Talker then Ebony Maw , and he landed on Iron Man with Doctor Strange in the face of Justice was so messed up. At that moment, I was sure we are going to follow the order of the Black Black a worthy order. But I’ve been the very large reversals. This movie really shows in every frame because it’s very well done Marvel(du). Du ‘ moments later the members of our order in a fairly straightforward way until his death in a few minutes. Unfortunately, this big about I was frustrated. While I’m disappointed we present a few more details. (I will identify the rest of the article)

Avengers: Infinity War İnceleme / Spoiler (Samimiyet içerir)

But if we look at the overall structure of the film, I’d say it was a perfect movie. Actually what is the name The Avengers: Infinity War , though I think Thanossolos in the movie he seemed to be. We now answered all the questions that we expect with great curiosity about the imposing Titans. Where you’re from, what you do, what is the purpose gamor tohow click that adopted, and who love you, what dreams are made of, such as screenwriters answered all the questions. In a scene that shows what happened to the planet, especially in the scene where she cries when I’m pretty weird gamora up and die. The entire universe activists, muscular appearance that justice under our dealer thanos, I realized it was actually a heart. But at the same time we saw how loyal the purpose. Basbug us thus ‘taken on the road to victory is sacred ordeal saying,’ only the presence of love in life, just because he killed his daughter to get the spirit stone. How you carry the sign that is sacred to believe this, actually. Yes, it was all very nice about Thanos. Siritmad but in a few scenes. For example, on Titan, Doctor strange and iron man, led by our hero, the fight scenes pretty good, and the chief nobility, worthy of the power he fought, but then what happened?

Avengers: Infinity War İnceleme / Spoiler (Samimiyet içerir)

Whole Thanos with one hand then stopped by the first red Witch has landed on earth and God of Thunder THOR (the god of my foot) were injured. What of THOR? How much more our God until that movie’s playing Thor as a God could come suddenly while 6 thanos completed a move against you? (Land of God, it is not clear that even Odin can beat thanos, who are you?) I’ll give you the answer, friends, as you know, Chris Hemsworth, (Thor) , Chris Evans, (Captain America) , Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) and Paul bettany (Vision) was going to die so that they have not the end of the contract. As you may already know Vision is dead. It’s not clear what will happen to the iron man stood alone in the whole planet. The ending to THOR, the other movie they made very powerful by making it look like a God. So, the Ascension of our Lord lightning it’s just a balloon and that balloon will blow up Thanos basbug in a short time. You were so strong and because the only move that don’t have to call the guy in front of you although it is thanos why disaster? Your brother Loki even when he was dying, where were you? (tender Thanos!) Alone now, in her Defense, wakanda us back to God the first time was really good. Yeah, it was good, but it left behind unanswered questions. I know you will say you’re throwing dirt on THOR still buried, but you’ll agree with me. Thor to wakanda and how did it come immediately? Thanos did he know that was even there? These important and thought-provoking questions, I think.

Starting from the beginning of the film, interspersed between the jokes and visual effects, beautiful scenes, even in the war. Drax‘s volatility, star Lord‘s jealous of THOR, winter soldier with the arms and arm the rocket’s dialogue, the Hulk‘s Banner was offended or something really intricate details. Aside from these, another character that I love our Cumberbatch let’s Benedict for Doctor Strange character. As far as I’ve seen some comments thanos move in groups, and drew quite a response. But that move had to. So, the iron man said, “you move, and if I had to choose, I choose move.” the word came from. If you remember the 16 million they said that there is only one reality when you go to win a reality. The reality is that the move also was giving thanos win. To acquire the stone just gave our Titan. The stones are actually just in time as it should thanos’s use the power of the stones they showed us. Justice is handed out almost basbug is also gone. Everyone daily to Ash after returning that always dreamed of the birth of the sun in seclusion and watched.

Avengers: Infinity War İnceleme / Spoiler (Samimiyet içerir)

Let’s get our Black Widow, the Wakandan King, and Captain America. That dye their hair blonde Black Widow really it’s a good thing. Though Scarlett Johansson’s hairstyle and color looks good in every question. Black Panther I can’t say the same thing about. It was one of the worst films of the king of wakanda marvel has probably already solo the movie. In this movie left a sweet taste because we’ve seen very little of the African culture, that’s all. I can’t say has little effect on the film or of our King. Captain America, if you remember in the trailer he was shown holding hands with thanos really sure that all I’m waiting for the movie had been the subject of the greatest curiosity. But unfortunately, that was the balloon. Apparently he was having fun with our captain thanos. Aside from all these, there cannot be much more to say. Because Marvel made a movie of himself again worthy and meets all your expectations. Oh, by the way, I’m not saying. You know I said above I’m disappointed in case there is another issue; the other issue was to use marvel trailer showed some scenes that in the film. If you remember in the trailer when THOR lightning hammer was a big failing, and again in the trailer the Hulk, Black Widow, winter Soldier, Captain America, black Panther, and there was a scene with an army behind okoye running, remember? Like that scene wasn’t in the movie. Or the directors of the film, Russo has been a dispute between the brothers own marvel or he wished to shorten the duration of the film. Hopefully this scene from Disney goes to the removal of income and a statement about the question marks in my head.

The last section of my post ‘what will happen to other films?’ section before moving on to lastly I have to say that After Credit scene was really good. Nick Fury: “I see that the logo that appears in the last scene no matter how good the other two times caused it to get more excited for my film. So it will be released in 2019 Avengers movie captain marvelwas finalized that will also play a major role in. Marvel Thanos war and Captain marvel let’s us just how prepared we’ll have to wait and see.

Avengers: Infinity War İnceleme / Spoiler (Samimiyet içerir)

What will be will be released next year in the Avengers movie?

I watched the movie and a full friend Marvel fan so we watched ourselves because we are so early we actually daughter. So because the film leaves a good taste, “friends now or wait 1 year.” any questions appear yourself. Especially to gamor‘s death, the original of all heroes into the dust except for the founders of the Avengers (including Nick fury) and like a complete thanos the purpose of the retreat to be really crazy in the head, leaves question marks. Of course, captain marvel‘s not to mention that there is no future. That in itself don’t be impatient. Why do you think that 2019 will be released in the new Avengers movie? Together some theories generate. (specify in comments)

-It is no exaggeration if I told you that I think this gamora died of. I’m not sure as I am everyone because of the spirit it’s estimated that are trapped by the spirit stone. So gamor will come back. Because I have the Galaxy 3 guardians of the future.

-Powder the characters will be back. Because of that, “Mr. stark, I dont wana die.” with the slogan that upset us Spider-Man’s solo film in the Marvel calendar. Also our Sony broadcast rights for Marvel to make Spider I struggled a lot with the partnership agreement. The deal barely got 1-2 while in the movie they spend. They can’t afford it.

-The characters and how it will turn out this powder? My theory is that the stones come to our team and with his help capture thanos by beating captain marvel. They will then turn back time by time by finding a path using stone. Thanos imprisoned in the spirit of all the spirit stone actually or returnees to ashes, and again they will find a way to destroy the spirit stone of our team possessing the stone, and everyone will be free.

-There is a theory, but I don’t want that to happen. If my expectations turned upside down. My theory is that big Titan you will regret what we did, and will destroy all the blocks by sacrificing himself in order to bring everyone back, including gamor. Time for the stone will collapse and the phenomenon of time will be destroyed will be taken back. My parents never died, they never happened, and even for Thanos.

-My latest theory is that it won’t show up in this movie about ant-man. Hawkeye ant man in the movie who is currently under house arrest with other we may be absolutely key. You know, because you can enter the size of the quantum. Maybe this ability could be the key. (The lead singer always the last one out)

They are theories that came to my mind for the moment. If you can specify in the comments if you have theories in your mind. Be sure to read all of them since you can. Also, as you know Marvel you are ready to plan for the next 20 years. In this process you will be? To be able to comment about Marvel’s plans, what kind of movies can generate theories about what expects us.

The end of the article since the last time I say, marvel, our home, our Father thanos!