The atmosphere stands out with Sea solitude E3 video was released


The EA play one of the games that were shown at the event the solitude of the Sea . The company a way out of the studio after the success would support a more independent, while one of these companies also Jo Mei Games that would be announced. Afterwards, the solitude of the sea‘s new promotion video published.

The E3 video was released for the solitude of the sea

Small development team in Berlin is made by the solitude of the Sea, actually for a long time developed. The company announced a few years ago, but don’t bring a lot of noise because a small Development Studio is a game that EA Games was almost out. Already we have noticed also that is quite exciting in the presentation of the company.

we celebrate a young girl Kay Solitude of the seaand the atmosphere both have a new promotional that will be quite a different game in gameplay shown in the video. As it is visually fantastic elements featured with the solitude of the Sea‘release date is not yet clear. Below you can browse the EA play of the game in a promotional video published on.