The army that will be used in artificial intelligence could lead to the destruction of the world


The research firm, the rand Corporation‘s report, according to new technologies and especially artificial intelligencein the army of introduction, the balance of the world can turn upside down in the near future. This situation may push some countries to use nuclear weapons.

“Mutually assured destruction”

Mutually assured destruction is called term, and mutually assured destruction of nuclear weapons as a result of the mutual fire, implies the disappearance of the two countries. In fact, this term is causing you to be shy using nuclear weapons in the two countries. However, the decision is particularly sensitive to artificial intelligence in the use of weapons, leave this shyness can eliminate. The report’s author, John Andrew” and this is not a movie simple things can increase the tension by saying,” it has stressed the seriousness of the situation.

Hideo Kojima‘S type-directed Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker commented about exactly. The game’s artificial intelligence which is given to the control of nuclear weapons, how that could be dangerous has been processed. Big Boss is the main character of the game, throughout the game, carrying nuclear warheads, the artificial intelligence-controlled weapons against entering into an intense struggle.