The 8 teams to play pubg is calling you!


In the evening, which will begin the event, players sooner Angel‘will be divided into teams of 8. Both TPS that supports both FPS viewpoint during this event, the goal UAZs‘a will be having. With this tool, bringing the heat from the air will pass.

Well, how to show players the tools of war do they call it? When you start the Game Your goal is killing a lot of others, the flares will be to find. Normal loot, which can be found randomly in the areas of these flares, with the help uazs you will be able to summon to the battlefield.

PUBG Corp event at a maximum of 96 players from 12 different teams that can be created 8 teams that would be allowed. Red zone, blue zone rules apply, while dynamic weather conditions will also be active in the activities. The event will continue until April 22nd.

:: PUBG do you plan to participate in the activity?

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