The 12,000-year history of gobekli Tepe, which, added to wolfteam


This past weekend, Wolfteam‘s Asus 2018 Wolfteam Turkey Cup tournament took place at the foot of Gaziantep. We also have tracking in place and we were followed by a large crowd of Gaziantep ‘s foot is the winner of JesterOf the team became.

Jester was the tournament Champion of Gaziantep

Of course, a very important development in relation with the tournament before entering into the details of wolfteam I want to talk about. Turkish melodies and the values we see reflected in the game from time to time. Indeed, in the last period, to the arrival of the month of Ramadan was added to the game as some special exclusive content. The update to the game with 2 maps, 2 new characters, many new weapons and accessories were added. Wolfteam team here in the coming months, is preparing to come out with an update that concern us much more closely. Sanliurfa gobekli Tepe is 12,000 years old because the temple is located in which indicated that will be added to wolfteam.

12.000 yıllık tarihi olan Göbekli Tepe, Wolfteam'e ekleniyor

Now first of all, let’s talk a little bit this is the date of göbekli Tepe. This past weekend we went to Gaziantep, Turkey as a guest of Netmarble. Both Gaziantep and Sanliurfa historical places both here we reached the tourist the opportunity to visit. Definitely should be seen every 2 museums in our city especially I think. So that falls to the way side and Şanlıurfa Archeology Museum and mosaicexpand and Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museumyou should see it expand. The museum also with European standards every 2 and I want to remind you that includes the very important works.

Let’s Göbekli Tepe. Wolfteame the map which is to be added in the coming months as gobekli Tepe, has a very important place in historical terms. Eaton near the village of Sanliurfa, which is located 22 km. northeast of the temple, some was discovered by chance. Interment was made in the village cemetery discovered during gobekli Tepe, the 12,000 year history of full. Here’s the biggest factor in the fact that this is so important, they show people being sedentary, even before building temples. Therefore, he’s accepted as the oldest place of worship.

12.000 yıllık tarihi olan Göbekli Tepe, Wolfteam'e ekleniyor

This is so important and yet 15% is explored as a part of gobekli Tepe, it is also filled with signs that point to begin with domesticated animals. One of the most important points in the history on our land, and for this reason a game of Shadows added are quite important. In this context of the game, the Korean team came to our country and have made the necessary discoveries on their studies and gobekli Tepe.

Let’s tournament field. ASUS wolfteam Turkey Cup 2018 wolfteam organized within the scope of Wolfcity as I said, the 4th leg of the tournament was held in Gaziantep. There was a pretty big crowd here really because we had great difficulty in even entering the area where the tournament is held.

12.000 yıllık tarihi olan Göbekli Tepe, Wolfteam'e ekleniyor

Done here in the tournament, held on June 3, 2018 Wolfcity Tournament’will be held in Istanbul, at the foot of S 4th teams struggled to qualify for the finals. The team winning the championship at the end of the great struggle JesterOf the team became.

Netmarble Turkey, Wolfteam held in 8 different provinces of Turkey for the 4th leg of the tournament held in Gaziantep on June 3, 2018 wolfcity. Held at Arena internet cafe Gaziantep Wolfcity Tournament’was attended by NA. He caused excitement to viewers of exciting games in the tournament, the jester of the team won the championship by defeating strong opponents.

12.000 yıllık tarihi olan Göbekli Tepe, Wolfteam'e ekleniyor

Tournaments held in 8 cities

Played with great passion by lovers of the game for more than 7 years in Turkey Wolfteam the number of players is increasing every passing day. In order to meet this interest Netmarble Turkey, Izmir, Gaziantep, Ankara, Adana, Trabzon, Istanbul, Bursa and Antalya cities in Turkey including 8 ASUS wolfteam Cup 2018 within the scope of Wolfcity organizing tournaments.

Successful team in the tournament, held in Gaziantep, Istanbul will be held in Turkey Cup 2018 ASUS Wolfteam earned the opportunity to fight in the finals. The path of participating in the finals tournament in 2018 Wolfcity is to be successful.

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