That will eat up your hours new Pokemon games announced!

Pokemon GO What? How To Play?

Eagerly anticipated for a long time-virtual reality-themed Pokemon game Pokemon mobile GO for Android and iOS platforms were presented to the players. Our country officially unreleased Pokemon GO, everyone is curious. Well, Pokemon and Pokemon how to play go what is go?

Firstly, the most asked question, let’s start by answering: Yes, new games found on mobile devices Go version will be compatible with. The Pokemon you caught there, able to use the version Switch, you will be able to create your own network.

From many years ago, a yellow version , followed by once again Pikachu lead. Other versions of the game if they are still very popular in Kanto from Pokemon Eeveeclick we see.

Construction of the Switch anime series published in Turkey and is preparing for us, we’ll all remember from the original 151 pocket monsters to the period takes back.

Pokemon go version showed similarity with the mechanics of the game while co-op and special Pokeball controlling interest, among other details.

In the meantime, you need to tell them about an important detail. Let’s go version, except for a specific main switch in a Pokemon game are being developed. This custom game is completely new however, if in 2019 we can see. Pokemon cute Pikachu and eevee’s standing if you let go with November 16,‘will meet with us.

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