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From a strange life we know dontnod entertainment‘s highly anticipated game vampyr in the news recently about slots throughout the game where only a single record will reside. From the company producer in the game, why not just slatu a description of where a record is located here.

Throughout the game you will be slots only a single record in vampyr

Why is only one slot vampy Studio dontnod has announced that

In Victorian England, a period that will pass pretty dark rumors that it was only a single record in the vampyr slots. Slot game reside in a single record, you can do the chance to try different preferences, has been taken out of the hands of the player. Production company by verifying the rumors, why he gave a description that only a single record in the game slot. The choices you make in the game the player has to literally impact the game this way , they design dontnod entertainment announced. Also a manual control on the player in the slot so it won’t be vampyr save that it was stated that the election was to ensure that be carefully considered. A choice that will raise the difficulty of the game up quite a bit, let’s see, you will find a positive response among the players.