Thanos reduced the power of the guest game Fortnite


Avengers Infinity War film into the box office record these days, she’s not Fortnite game also features a guest villain of the film Thanosthe power of reduced.

Gauntlet infinity, have great power is going to

Fortnite developer Epic Games, will be a guest on the power of thanos in the game for a certain time, a short time ago released with the update that reduced indicated. The first 300 to 200 percent of the capacity of the developer thanos shield dropped. At the same time Thanos used by the infinity gauntlet’s The power of the laser beam dropped to 12 from 15. However, in contrast, the developer raised thanos 700 800 maximum health. The community Coordinator Epic Games, Reddit, confirmed in the aforementioned changes.

As you know, Thanos and the infinity gauntlet was added yesterday to the effectiveness of a game fortnite. After approximately one day prior to the start of the event, thanos nerf was eaten. Battle Royale between games, managed to make a difference with her own unique style of Fortnite, Infinity War The Avengers who are quite successful in Dec’s vision of water, the villain of the film thanos to stay in the game for awhile was strategic in a sense a step ahead of its competitors.