Tesla motors founder Elon musk will be fired from the company?


The famous entrepreneur, businessman Elon Musk, co-founder, who was Tesla motors‘he has been working as Chairman of Board. Elon musk but apparently the seat is in the air. Elon musk it was an issue to get fired from the company.

Elon musk fired you?

Tesla motors describes the loss rate that high in the first quarter of 2018, the Board of Directors served as Chairman, co-founder Elon musk’s seat was in danger. June 5,annual meeting of the Board will be in the company, which will be collected in which the Board of Directors will vote whether or not to continue Your mission musk Elon. 710 million dollars in damage with a 12 percent stake in Tesla motors describing the shareholder of the Board of Directors named Zhao Jing musk leave and he suggested that the administrator be in a position to. Musk in Tesla motors Elon, who served as the company’s CEO at the same time, the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Advising the shareholders of the company CtW investment group, in his letter to Tesla shareholders, the Board of Directors on Antonio gracias, and Kimbal Musk, and James R. Murdoch re-elected as a member not to be urged, and in the last year, Tesla’s production to reach the critical milestone he failed , and profitability has slowed the progression of said. The reason for the failure of the duty which is shown as three Board members re-elected it was suggested that it is not. Voting will be done tomorrow let’s do Elon Musk, steve jobs will join the list of businessmen who got fired like in their company?

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