Teen Titans GO! Nicolas cage trailer introduces Superman


Warner Bros., teen Titans GO to the movies‘full trailerini published! Children of Nicholas cage in the trailer they created the animation with a satirical tongue also appropriate, we get a chance to see for the first time by Superman. This animation , Dc Entertainment and Warner Bros. Cartoon Network should also mix a couple for DC seems to be able to enter the radar of the lovers.

Teen Titans GO: trailer published from the movies

The voice of Superman in the month of March trailer verified that we are getting a chance to hear Nicholas cage’s voice for the first time. Child Kal-el cage is a huge Superman fan, who is named looks like a great choice for a soundtrack. The trailer opens with the trailer in a theater watching Batman and we see the first members of the teen Titans, Robin would pull out of his own film against us when finally ALFRED the trailer of the movie is out.

Humorous although aimed at children, at this moment almost all super hero films on the market who send them the animation team trying to get their own films. Everyone except Robin Wonder Woman costume with promotional published in the trailer he was talking about how much you love Him, Robin was saying that you have to have to be a real superhero a solo movie.