Take – two is preparing to sue GTA online cheaters


Grand Theft Auto 5 thanks to their safe filled with money distributor company, take – two, ready , Lindsay Lohan won the case, while another is preparing to trial. GTA Online– cheating and is preparing to file a lawsuit against an Australian player that distributes, indicating that take – two, their lawyers assigned. Especially GTA Online PC the cheaters version of throwing the javelin, most of the time, they hit an axe to the tastes of the players. Players who do not use cheat money tricks of the game even outside of these Internet pirates without the sting does not end well. Take – two‘s stance, judging by the players that use this kind of cheating of the game is to be cleared it looks like.

Take – two is suing the player who uses the trick

Running on a new anti cheat system that Rockstar Games recently, indicating a stance against cheaters punishment system changed. New punishment to cheaters in the system, it doesn’t hurt the developers, let’s see the next GTA will take a stance like in the games?

Finally, let’s take – two, if you win the case what happens to the cheaters as we wonder if the punishment will not come. We are seeing more and more cases of this kind from Chinese companies. Multiple locations for Western game companies to apply to cases such as these the players pleases.

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