Tactical FPS Insurgency: sandstorm release date announced


New world Interactive‘Insurgency tactical battle game in which he produced: sandstorm of the release date have been announced.

Tactical FPS, Insurgency: Sandstorm when it will exit?

The sequel to the tactical war games enthusiasts games insurgency closely Insurgency: Sandstorm‘s The process of construction continues. Production Company, New World Interactive, the date exit the game at least announced it will output what it is. New world Interactive, Insurgency: of sandstorm in September announced it will exit. The game has many different game modes there will be, underlining that the production company, they work each game mode is unique and robust, at the exit of the game in the first place, will be found four different game modes, but the new Insurgency game modes: sandstorm after the release of the game would be added, he said. In the first place in the game 40 a variety of different weapons to be found, then also the variety of these weapons will be increased with future updates. In the new game, weapons on the reactions of the production company, indicating that it was fairly tried, new game; helicopter for the air strikes, suicide bomber dronelar attacks and said there will be different support options, such as a mortar attack. Insurgency: Sandstorm will make the same output in September. Information on that will come the day of the month of September haven’t been released yet

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