Switch Nintendo is now officially sold in our country will be


Coming in the month of March in the year of 2017 meet with the Nintendo Switch, finally coming to Turkey. Finally, the Wii thanks to a distributor in Turkey in the period of Nintendo, this time for Turkey CD media with offline distributors agreed. Nintendo games and Nintendo officials recently made the switch indicating that all the necessary sale agreements will begin. PlayStation and Xbox brand compared to Nintendo their players away from the rest of our country, this can traumatize the audience with movement that generates used in the country.

Switch Nintendo officially comes to Turkey

Our country is actually Xbox , which is much more awareness of the brand Nintendo, the character has become an icon of popular culture, thanks to Seventy-Seven, lies in everyone’s mind. However, the Xbox Playstation and Nintendo currently dominate the Turkish market is very difficult to predict how much that would sell the switch. So which distributorship CD media in the Turkish market we were wondering what would plan to do.

When we got to the end, back at the party, which included the switch from Nintendo , thanks to that he was a rival of the other consoles are on sale in our country. Hopefully Nintendo shows players the attention it deserves in our country, and the competition more heated.