Survival game invites you to explore the Amazon jungle green hell


Previously the dying light and Dead Island developers who have worked on projects founded by the Creepy Jar game studio, announced that they are working on a new game. Type survival green hell the players in the Amazon jungle, predatory animals and wild nature to struggle with wants.

Green hell announced a new survival game

In the rain forests of the Amazon, which will be green hell; the players explore the open world, wild animals, ensuring that claims get into fight disease. Hunger in the game, to the gameplay that will have great impact of factors such as suzuluk and mental health, it was stated. The next summer, in the period green hell early access is scheduled to enter. Green hell was published for the announcement trailer and a 20-minute gameplay footage below you can browse the.

The type of an era which is very popular game survival games of popularity in recent times quite lost. Players no longer are coming from the saturation point, the poor quality of games in a row with big promises failing to meet expectations in no time, or entering early access survival game that develops many of the company do not disappear and collect the money from the players because it is. Survival in the last period the interest in games has waned considerably.