Supposedly the new axe THOR’s resurrection: Ertugrul came from..


The Avengers: Infinity War thanks to a huge success throughout the world by breaking the record for the audience, Marvelmovie, they are quite satisfied from the return. For a film with a huge fan base in our country, this time from the local press came an interesting comment. According to the news website of the newspaper in the morning, in the film Thor‘s uses a special axe, resurrection: Ertugrul Turgut Alp that uses the axe is coming from.

The character of THOR that uses the axe, a sequence of the resurrection come from?

According to this article THOR’s axe uses TRT 1 broadcast on screens in the popular series, which broke ratings records and Cengiz Coskun‘s bought the axe swinging in the action scenes. In the film, Thor the axe is done by activating a dead star, and makes the former much more powerful than using engaging in.

13. 14. century who lived between Turgut Alp‘it is unknown whether or not you use the axe. Occurred in also used even if the axe as a result of that remains a mystery. So Marvel writers , Thor‘s axe axe is looking at the drawing while it is unknown if Turgut Alp. In the array you used axe, new axe does that sound like THOR’s? Finally, related news can be found here.