Super Mario Run on iPhone and iPad


Nintendo’s highly anticipated mobile Super Mario game Super Mario Run has been released for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)! When will Super Mario Run Android version be released?



Nintendo’s most famous game, Super Mario, has been playing with Nintendo gaming platforms for many years with different games. This time Super Mario is officially entering the smartphone sector. Nintendo has released the new mobile game Super Mario Run iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

Super Mario Run is a new type of Mario game that defines Nintendo as a game that can be played with one hand. In the Super Mario Run, which we know is in the style of jogging games, Mario is constantly running to the right and allows the players to continue running with different bounce movements, without Mario getting stuck in the obstacles. You also have to defeat Mario’s long-time enemy, Bowser.



At the moment, only Super Mario Run, which can be played on the iPhone and iPad, is wondering when it will be on the Android platform. Nintendo has not yet given a definitive date for the Android version of the game. Explaining the net history in the future, Nintendo pronounces only 2017 for Super Mario’s release date.


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