Sucker punch the ghost of the E3 presentation it would take to ready in 2018


Sucker punch‘which is suited to the development of Samurai-themed game, the ghost of Tsushima“nine E3 2018is shown in the game, working in the making of Billy Harper‘s share, a tweet was confirmed with.

Sucker punch the ghost of the E3 presentation it would take him to 2018, it will be interesting

Sucker Punch Ghost Of Tsushima'nın E3 2018 sunumuna hazır

The ghost of Tsushima, which was announced last year, the Samurai seemed rather interesting theme. Cinematic showreel published acclaim of many players, the ghost of Tsushima, it has become one of the highly anticipated games. Infamous ‘s sucker punch’s new game from the series we know that the production company Ghost-it would take you to, what kind of game would be that there is too much information on our hands. The ghost of E3 in 2018-it would take new information was known. As of the last day, a tweet by sucker punch animation Director Billy Harper working in the production company, and share photos, sucker punch’s E3 presentation have combined to create an impression that 2018 would be quite interesting. Billy Harper, share, tweet very soon, along with the caption katana Samurai sword which is stuck on a platform shared images. This interesting visual, the ghost of sucker punch’s E3 unveiling in 2018-it would take more to wake up to the wonder caused.