Strange that followed the hurricane approached the game as he’s the man!


Anton Williams when the hurricane hits the game didn’t play, and both was a danger to the lives of both parents in their lives. Speaking to a local station in the area, Williams, that is if say it she did:

“I was sitting at home and I was playing Fortnite, and then suddenly I started hearing the noise. In front of me and I looked out of the window of the roof of the house and cokulu, I saw it pass away from me.”

Per hour 217 miles an hour that’s going this giant tornado, of course, it’s normal for them to trash the place. Non-normal if it is Williams ‘ to play for the sake of being first does not leave. In the final fight was the young man, who instead of going to the shelter, acted like it was nothing.

“To be honest, when it all happened to finish the game I was thinking, but the people around me that it was good I was hoping.”

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