Stranding Death, how will be present in a game?


If Video Games dominated the video game world closely and if you follow hideo Kojima and Konami, you’ve probably heard of the ongoing debate between. Hideo Kojima and his Konami team up for the only game in the room to develop the story, although the accuracy of the officials who is unproven, although it is quite difficult to say that Kojima would give up his dreams. The Metal Gear Solid story, as well as developed from scratch Fox Engineand come under Sony’s umbrella, we hope that a side look at himself, relieved. Guerrilla gameswithout any compensation from the decimal engineclick take to develop the game, attract players and Hollywood, more game development Kojima was enough for me to even move on the agenda…

How Stranding Death will be a game?

Stranding death in Metal Gear in the story, as an order within the chaos Creator hideo Kojima, it looks like Intelligence will make you the talk of the game again. The Metal Gear Solid games in the player’s breath to the game scenario in a very good way to cut the video feed it’s death it’s been a great discussion of what Kojima will do in stranding. Especially The game awards at the ceremony along with a long trailer 2017 that showed the world of the game with the players showing little to Kojima, players with obscurity exactly a left.

Wearing a similar outfit to the astronaut suit , Norman Reedus, the last trailer is you are not certain what he was trying to hide from invisible creatures. In addition, each trailer that appear in the dead and live babies in the game it is still not clear what it represents. From the trailer, we can say that these creatures are carried out by soldiers targeting these babies. Creationism from place to place who send to Death, Stranding The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus’u we wonder if it is going to show a way how to. On the other hand, Mads Mikkelsen’s a bad character as shown in the game, master the player hunts for invisible creatures, it is estimated that these babies again. In addition to all these, the recent who managed to get an Academy Award at the Academy Awards, the famous film director Guillermo del Toro’s, It is expected to be in the game as a guest player.

Death Stranding, nasıl bir oyun olarak karşımıza çıkacak?

Also Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom pain’Ocelot the voice and the last of us, BioShock infinite‘s as well as the Uncharted series, who made the VoiceOver artistry Troy Baker’s forgetting that the game will take place in the actress Emily O’Brien. Stars who for almost a Stranding Death mix hideo Kojima, currently in hand, hold great potential. Of itself, a beautiful building in front of it with the players we’re counting on, but the game dragged in with about million players.

In an interview describe it as an open world action game death stranding Kojima, says it will release the player in the game too. Thus, in the open world I can say that spending would rise in direct proportion to the time of the discovery. The open world concept last Metal Gear Solid game Kojima who are integrated in a good way, probably MGS 5 will give more importance to the element of exploration than the new game.

Also talking about the mechanics of dying in the game, the master developer, as a classic when you die in the game says We’re not starting from the point previous record. Instead, when we’re born who we would meet with more exploration elements, and Kojimawas born in a different environment and in contact after our dead bodies when searching for underlined. In the same interview, the souls series who to send experienced producer, some of the mechanics to souls games, there will be as said. Finally, the game co – op gameplay mechanics. However, these unorthodox gameplay mechanics that Kojima and his team would be stepped on it.

At the end of the day, the game still does not publish all of video game footage we’re wondering what goes through Kojima’s head. However, there is still hope in 2018 E3 Kojima at the fair, engaging gameplay along with a trailer loved ones will face.

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