Steven Spielberg, played games like Mario in ps VR


The famous film director Steven Spielberg, is actually a name that is no stranger to the game world. E. T., Indiana Jones, saving private Ryan and Jurassic Park movies a lot of movies, such as who signed, except the famous director finally Ready Player One movie appeared. Especially with this film, which Spielberg also many game character, in spite of this, the head with his last comment ruffled.

An interesting comment from Spielberg

Ready Player One movie if you’ve seen the film know the theme of an alternative future that is actually positioned on. Virtual reality glasses are so popular that confronts us at a time when Ready Player One, I’m sure every audience for the future “I wonder?” dedirtmis.

Here’s a presentation that took place in Japan who participated in the film, Spielberg has signed up to a very interesting statement in an interview here. “Never before have you tried the virtual reality glasses?” answering the question, the famous film director, “Yes, the PlayStation VRMario games like the first time I tried glasses I tried and I didn’t want to remove the words” was made. Obviously Steven Spielberg‘s as an example, “Mario”, of course, as many players have surprised us. What do you think?

Steven Spielberg, PS VR'da Mario benzeri oyunlar oynamış