Stephen King anthology released a new trailer from Castle Rock


Hulu, the new series of Castle Rock has released a promotional trailer for. On Approving the establishment of the town of Maine mystery in the trailer we get a chance to see the information. Readers of Stephen King, as you well know the author has all the events that occur in the stories, some of them in the same universe and that makes constant reference to each other of the occurrence gives the impression to the reader. Castle Rock, a fictional town in Maine in Stephen King’s has created as it passes. Which is from the pen of Stephen King Cujo, Needful Things, the Dead zone, IT wrote like many stories in this area passes.

Let’s take a closer look mystery to the town of Maine

Promotional trailer opens with quite a soft Terry her sound, and this sound, to tell you what is the original sin of the town of Maine. King’s will host a new series of completely original characters as well as familiar characters. The cast of this year’s vision into the array, which is again a Stephen King adaptation of THE film Billy Skarsgård who came before us, with Scott Glenn, Melanie Lynskey, Jane levy and also previously in the version a king who came before us names like sissy spacek will be released.