Steam summer sale date has been announced!


Large reductions will take place, dates, valve has never officially explained. However, some good resources, of time discountin a very good way brings out.

Massive Steam database steam database Twitter account that follows the games with the changes you made in Salem during the summer(summer sale) this year on June 21 will begin that was passed.

Steam summer sale starts on June 21st.

— Steam Database (@SteamDB) May 8, 2018

Discount account by the end date was not disclosed, however, to predict the time of last year’s discount we can look.

Last summer I took 13 days

2017 summer sale, 22 June – 5 July was held between the dates of. Last year, a total of 13 days to the discount date for this year June 21st is probably this year’s discount, on the 4th of July will end.

Although the information that we have right now is unconfirmed, steam cuts the dates of the time they’re not exactly lurking.

Because the valve, with the other planned reductions in selling it to game developers to make sure that do not conflict related to the date of the reduction in Steam a regular basis on sends an e-mail.

You we think you’ve waited eagerly for the discount about the day of your thoughts , we’re curious about.

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