Steam officially supports the Nintendo Pro Controller switch


Valve’smost recent steam client beta with the switch Pro Controller Nintendo announced official support for. With the last update to the steam client beta team, the D-pad and gyro control makes the situation easier for everyone by adding official support for devices.

Nintendo make a pro Controller Switch globally active

If you want to activate the new support, first you need to be involved in the beta program for steam. Of the program upper-left corner, click on steam, then through the window that opens, respectively, Settings and change the option. Be involved in the steam beta program then, if necessary, restart the program, and it is possible to download the update remember. Finally, the controller Settings page on the Nintendo support the switch configuration can be chosen to support globally active. When this setting is enabled, you can perform the configuration process of the control device, and you want to you can share PC’s track record. Manual setting of the valve control device for compliance with the gyro team recommend.

Also on the Settings page Controller, Nintendo button layout of the configuration this option is installed and the option to use a common such as a/B and X/Y buttons is changing.