Steam Link how to use the application? (VIDEO)


The Android operating system installed on your phone and tablet from Android TV to play games that lets for the application we were in the Office. All the stages described, and the games we tried out our video below you can watch.

Use the application Link Steam:

First the Google Play Store app download via. From this link you can easily download the application. You will use the device and your computer on the same network , make sure that you are on. First of all you need to do a compatible Gamepad (the steam Controller, Xbox One Controller) with your phone To pair. Because the application will first ask you this. If you want you can play games on the touch screen. Controlling when you go after making the selection, you open the Steam on the computer you will be prompted to select. From here you play your games select PC. Steam will send a code to your computer for security reasons. This code to publish your phone, tablet, or Android TV on you’ll see. In the window that opens enter the 4-digit security code on the PC. After this, the steam app Link and I will do the speed test. To have a healthy connection 15 MB/s let me remind you that the lower limit is determined. Of course, it’s the internet, not your modem, quality is important here. In case you have a healthy connection, the app will give you the check, and the steam to be broadcast next to the device screen. If you want to enhance the quality of the link to the publication can compromise the quality of the statistics screen, you can examine the operating performance of the device by opening the steam in. Again these settings in detail in our videos you can find it.

The application of steam service for the performance of the quality values you can find immediately below:

The best performance with Android TV

Connect your modem to your computer using an Ethernet cable, connect your modem using an Ethernet cable to your Android TV

For the best performance with tablets and phones

Connect your Android device to your computer using the Ethernet the 5GHz band 5GHz WiFi modem connect your modem to your Android device to your WiFi network to keep a reasonable distance

A list of devices that we use for the video

PC: HP omen 17 w100nt

Controller: Gamepad Edition Xbox One X Scorpio

Broadcast device: Samsung Galaxy S8

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