Steam games can be played from smart phones!


Valve, steam announced two new applications for the platform. The first of these is the steam Link.

Steam Link is actually a name who doesn’t come away from the ears. Valve, steam previously gave the name of the link device using the power of your computer through your TV in any corner of your home games to transfer them to and from there allowed to play.

Using the same Technology, valve, this time, this feature to mobile platforms are moving. Along with the application slated for the week of May 21st on iOS and Android operating systems on smartphones with your Steam games on your smart phone you will have the opportunity to play via.

But this process obviously removes a computer related games in home be located note. Your computer 5 GHz supported Wi-Fi network or via Ethernet cable to your modem cable if you connect only requirement.

In order to play games for now, the steam controller and the supported MFI controllers are supported.

The second application, Steam Video

Valve announced that the second application was how our country, who don’t cater at least for now Steam video application.

Through this application, users are located in the steam hundreds of movies and TV shows on mobile devices will be able to watch.

How about you, what about the steam Link ? In your opinion, the idea of playing the games we play on our computers in our smartphones, it is in practice as in theory succeed ?

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