Steam, “Denmark Games” has launched by the name of a discount


The giant Steam gaming platform, players are sometimes great discounts and themed opportunities. Fear, race and inupiaq on behalf of discount steam style games, this time “Denmark games” with the theme, as the name suggests, the Denmark-based game producers got a discount on their games. Let’s see what is in the list.

Of course the Hitman’s the first game that catches the eye

IO Interactive, memorable and highly popular game Hitman, is located on the first row of the list. 150 pounds instead of 70 pounds , This Set is the most popular among the games. Other popular series , Limbo , and the Inside . Limbo, 3,60 TL as while it’s on sale, inside job 15,50 TLon sale from. One of the games of last year, which is resounding in the time line some of the list below. 34,30 TL in the time line, one of the beautiful games we have to offer. 140, Space Hulk, heroes and Generals , and Echo as well as other games are on sale.

If you want to see the full list, can be found at this link. “Denmark Games” the opportunity, the 27 April until the date will continue.