State of mind


If fully based on storytelling in adventure games if you are interested, I would suggest that you collect your attention here because this is the game you are faced with the surprise of the year. Especially Edna & Harvey the next in the series, Deponia series, who built his reputation with Daedalic Entertainment‘s new game, state of mind, quietly are being developed. Promotional video leaves a question mark in your head with, but for an independent developer out of the hands of the ads therefore much in mind state of mind which cannot be found, the players of the future, a different door will open. Sony’s new game recently released custom Detroit: become human’as a theme is similar, but quite different state of mind with a story, players will lead to the year 2048.

Review the preliminary state of mind

Instead of pastel drawings, realistic renderings style with surrealist elements, which in places has included state of mind, on the basis of 3D beyond being an adventure game can’t go. What State of mind is enhanced with limited outside opportunities in a simple 3D adventure game, although the player within the story it does its best to reflect human emotion by feelings and that these hosts can appear as a game. From the first moment the nature of reality and simplicity aimed at dragging the players in the game, Richard Nolan we run a named character.

State of Mind

The game scenario Martin is a writer Gameforge state of mind’s in the world that is actually two notes. According to ganteforh First World cyber-space, is described as colorful and cheerful while it has been described as a second World dystopia crushed under the coldness of reality. That is one of the largest media companies in the world of the game of the voice by the name working as a managing editor for a company, our main character, so the story will be in a depressed mood during.

Our character who has a pretty successful career, an unexplained accident at the beginning of the game. The other women in her love life because of who you are married but turbulent Nolan, it loses a certain portion of her memory after the accident. For this reason, our events will include various character herself willingly to bring back his memory.

Two worlds to discover the next little infrastructure sited of the side characters we’re going to solve puzzles in the game, the puzzle sequences are known to be different than expected. Daedalic Entertainment, a state of mind would be a metaphor, this metaphor contemporary and in this way they would send into the world said We’re going to solve the puzzles. Personally, I wonder how the game mechanics if they’re going to feed it these. Likewise, the Developer Team fails to achieve the fine lines of this, if State of mind self-description in terms of player may experience problems.