State of decay was released update 2 to 20 GB


Undead Labs developed state of Decay 2 to 20 GBfor an update is published. The update contains various performance and gameplay arrangements.

Solved major problems with the 20 GB update

As you know, State of Decay 2 recently and in that time output has been quite successful. However, in conjunction with the output of the game resulted in serious errors. That have occurred within the game crashes, memory errors, and was made up of visible problems in multiplayer mode. Developer Undead Labs to fix these problems, began working to improve the gameplay experience, and a 20 GB update is released.

Which hosts quite important fixes in the 1.2 update, the netcode of the game was held according to stability and optimization. In multiplayer mode while operating the vehicle experienced strange situations, focused on memory errors and crashes. Also with grenades and shadow flicker experienced problems such as game error fixed. Tools unlimited cycle of being trapped within 3 å of the fall and experienced players such as issues also were resolved.

Undead Labs Studio head Jeff Strain that adds a personal note to the end of the update, with 2 state of decay has big plans for big plans and expressed thanks for the opportunity to perform what it offers to the players.

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