State of decay 2 in the review above average scores


Unreal Engine 4 was developed in conjunction with the new survival and zombie-themed game state of decay 2, 2018 May 22 in the history of the players will be released. The game’s review scores before the game was released. Looking at review scores, the game is of a certain quality, we can say that. Unlike the first game, new interesting game mechanics, putting mechanics and improving the developers of the old, probably will reach good sales figure. On the PC platform game to Pass the game by paying a nominal amount in the system after being a member of the system if you wish, you can play.

State of decay how 2 review scores?

Xbox One Xat 4K support in the new game, this time with co – op gameplay mechanics is equipped with. This is a major shortcoming in the first game, assuming that thanks to this feature, the State of Decay 2 will collect a mass of great players around.

The way the game’s review scores:

– USgamer – 3.5/5
– Critical Hit – 6.5
– /–8
– Press Start – 7
– IGN – 7.5
– Eurogamer – stay away
– GamesRadar+ – 3.5/5
– Hardcore Gamer – 3/5
– Gaming trend 85/100