Stardew Valley has announced a new game Publisher named eastward


Stardew Valley Publisher Chucklefish, today Eastward by the name of a new game announced that they are going to market. Based in Shanghai, a small indie game studio which is a Philips developed by Eastward, RYO. The game of the ‘ 90s anime, the legend of Zelda and the Mother series as an adventure game in a world on the brink of collapse with the effects of established as is described.

Philips and Chucklefish said it would be released when the game yet

The announcement was made today of the game, but when eastward have any comments on how the studios would be released. In the game, players a young girl by the name of Sam throughout the city to an employee by the name of John dangerous, a series of guidance they will check out. Eastward, with a human population slowly dwindling, now is set in a world that is starting to rot, although the characters that you encounter along the journey it looks like they’ll be interesting and full of life.

Eastward, was actually first proposed in tigsource indie game with the Forum in 2015. At that time, the game’s Developer Studio Philips consisted of only three people. Now, the chucklefish team and they’re going to release the game with the Publisher reached 10 members. The game trailer can be found below.