Star Wars: Episode IX was leaked via Reddit of the scenario


Hollywood highest grossing film in history, which is one of the brands Star Wars, next year, next except for the movies) is the ninth largest in the vision of the film. Finally, the last Jedi , the New Star Wars, we have been witness to the departure of the major characters from the story. Especially Kylo Ren and Rey after the altercation between the story who turned the producers, the new movie had stated that it would be of a big surprise. The scenario that emerged after the introduction of Reddit in the title but this movie was leaked. The main points of the movie if you read the entry notes the user’s leaky, if you are a Star Wars fan, everything makes sense.

The New Star Wars movie leaked

However, we should note that this is written is absolutely not true. Maybe the user can be chosen in such a way to share their own theories. In the new film Resistance, it is curious that the team would run to will do what and where. Also Kylo Ren‘s take command now, very much confused. The leaked script I can’t share here right now, but your curiosity is overwhelmed, and if you wish to read relevant the title of the Reddit can be found here.