Square Enix’s new game announcement came The quiet man


2018 than the new game announcements keep coming E3. As of this evening, a new game was announced at Square Enix’s E3 conference. The Quiet Man. Square Enix’s new game will be there.

Square Enix’s new game, the quiet man announced

Without a doubt we expect from the E3 presentations of new games. Not to miss the new game announcements, new videos of previously announced games to watch, losing sleep, or even we’re getting but we can say that it is worth it. Square Enix’s E3 announcement presentation was held in conjunction with an announcement of a new game from the video. Judging from the video of the announcement published in the game, we can predict that we will take control of a character with a hearing or speech disability. Opens with a cinematic announcement video published real actors. Bandits of dark and narrow streets to warn our character that comes along, who gave the sign to be quiet from this point on, the game makes the transition to the chart. Have been shared a lot of information about the quiet man starts to beat the enemies. The game’s release date is yet unknown. You can browse the video below from the published announcement.