Square Enix E3 in 2018 this year will take place with a different presentation


The Feast of the players at E3 2018to less excitement continues to grow. Square Enix at this year’s E3 Expo is preparing another. The upcoming Square Enix at E3, going out of style live traditional presentation, Nintendo direct presentation it was announced that will perform a similar presentation. More pre-recorded images, playback of the presentation would be stated. However, Square Enix, E3 2018 games will whatand you have to wonder whether it will surprise you.

Square Enix’s E3 presentation will go a change in 2018

English and Japanese languages prepared in the video, will be screened June 10 at 11. Facebook, mixer, twitch, and YouTube on Teitter will be broadcast live. I wasn’t given a tip about the video yet to be published. However, it is likely that Lara Croft’s new adventure from the shadow of the Tomb Raider video gameplay may sound. In the same way, players Kingdom Hearts 3 is that it provided new information about. On the other hand, a new life is a strange game announcement and a Final Fantasy 7 remakealso new information on the latest status of the sharing of expectations between.