Split glass which is a continuation of the first trailer of the film shown


In 2016, released a split with surprises, both in film and fiction movies we’ve seen lately has managed to be one of the most robust. This movie which is a continuation of Glass began to come the first details of the film.

Glass shown the first trailer of the film

Split film, especially James McAvoy‘s different personality, and quite liked it at the end of the movie his performance out of Bruce Willis together with to the great surprise we have learned. 2 of a trilogy, actually.the ring Split after the movie, arm works famous film director M. night shyamalan, in the past year, Glass ‘s when the shooting of the film began. I hadn’t heard in a long time that glass is the trailer of the film, which ends today, CinemaCon was shown for the first time at the event.

The first trailer of the film, unfortunately, were shown behind closed doors. So, the movie trailer was published on the internet yet. In the comments of the audience the scene of the trailer where a prison is located has been specified. Again, in the trailer it looks like he escaped from the prison of our main characters in the movie, during this escape, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy‘s characters indicated that they use their special powers. As the name suggests the main focus of the film is Samuel L. Jackson‘s portrayal of Mr. glass .

Split'in devamı olan Glass filminin ilk fragmanı gösterilmiş

Glass will be released when?

In the movie, Bruce Wills, David Dunn, Samuel L. Jackson Price (Glass) Casey Taylor and Anna Cooke with the role of Joy we’ll get a chance to watch it again. Of course, James McAvoy and Kevin Crumb exhibiting an amazing performance in Split, Wendell, Patricia, Dennis, Hedwig, Barry, Jade, Orwell, beast, Heinrich, Norma, noted that the film roles would take place in.. Pol. 18 let me remind you that the film would be released in January 2019.