Spider-Man’s new names were suggested for the film A Bomb


The famous actor Jake gyllenhaal‘s new Spider-Man were alleged to have started talks for the film. And finally joined a civil war movie with Marvel’s Infinity War movie we saw in spider-man‘s as you know the ring of the continuation next. Homecoming who achieve great success with Spider-Manwhich will be released next year as this new adventure of schedule 4 of the Avengers after the movie. The villain of this sequel for Jake gyllenhaal‘s stated that it is in talks. Well Jake gyllenhaal to portray the bad character?

Jake gyllenhaal, Mysterio could be!

Spider-Man HomecomingVulture , who plays the character of Michael Keaton he signed a great performance even Marvel‘s best has managed to be one of the bad guys. You wish to sign the same way about this Spider-Man team for the sequel Jake gyllenhaal has begun negotiations with. Although this is not an official statement from both sides on this issue, soon the truth will be revealed. Because which will be released in the month of May 4 The Avengersafter a short period of time from July 2019 new Spider-Man movie we will have a chance to see. For this reason, we can say that the shooting of the film will start soon.