Special versions of the Tomb Raider shadow of the taken up was expanded


Square Enixrecently the last link of the saga Tomb Raider Tomb Raider the shadow of important announcements about now after several special edition and Season Pass pre-order bonuses such issues as mentioned.

Special contents of the Special Edition

First of all, the Tomb Raider shadow of the standard, Deluxe, or Ultimate Edition croft version pre-order it you’ll be able to. Standard Edition version incorporates additional content along with the base game. As content for PlayStation 4 players, a dynamic theme for PC players on Steam wallpaper, and Xbox One players show their Avatar ‘s clothes you can obtain.

The game Deluxe Edition version of the same content as the Standard Edition, the official game soundtrack, 48 hours prior to game time outfit with additional weapons and contains the advantages of access. Croft Edition version of the deluxe edition of undressing, as well as more weapons, clothing and the Season Pass includes. The Season Pass mission seven in the grave, seven weapons, seven and seven outfit incorporates a skill with multiple side missions.

Finally, The Ultimate Edition , everything Edition offers more content Croft. Among these, Lara Croft statue, the climbing axe-shaped bottle opener and flashlight is equipped with. The prices of these options have not yet been revealed. However, as soon as the pre-order option is expected to open.

 Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ın özel versiyonları detaylandırıldı