Soul calibur VI, Tekken game from the series new characters added


Soul calibur VI with the game engine Unreal Engine 4 and is being developed for the fighting game enthusiast is the bomb. Geralt from The Witcher universe that adds to the game developers recently, this time of the game Tekken added fighter character in the squad. Old and beloved character added to Tekken game Namco Bandai who you have to reach highest level in history, thus we can say that the staff of the game has expanded quite a fighter. Especially with a player base in the eastern region, which is a special soul calibur VI, Tekken, thanks to seven players will gather around this move.

From the series soul calibur VI, Tekken game have a guest

Have a look at yoshimitsu tougher compared to other fighters, his fighting style revealed in the Tekken games, soul calibur VI‘or. In this way, which will enrich the gameplay mechanics of the game character, I would just sweat the other fighters. But curious about more players reach highest level in history, compared to Geralt. The western region of Geralt in the foreground advertising the game for Namco Bandai, the game’s Geralt will use in the design of the cover. Finally, last year, injustice and marvel vs Capcom 2: Infinites, unlike it is expected with great excitement we can say that soul calibur VI.