Sony’s new portable console may be running on


Recently, the PS Vita‘games who will not support or boxed Sony, this time he gave some hints about a new portable console. To meet with investors, answering questions about the new PlayStation boss John HTC, standing in our living rooms instead of the classic console System, Console system, mobile or prefer a hybrid explained. This system claiming to offer even better gaming experience with HTC, I would have to think through the options, he said.

The boss of the PlayStation brand, hybrid consoles wanted to mention in his last statement

Sony right now we don’t know what’s on the mind of officials. However, in the future, Sony’s old-style system instead of a Nintendo Switch , such as a system of interest, we can say that we would prefer. Currently PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,Nintendo’s library of games is less than a switch, in the following terms if you are developing a library of games around, more players will gather.

Some players even third-party games, especially Nintendo Switchin wants to play. Based on the infrastructure of the switch, which allows you to play games more comfortably, we can say that gives more importance to the mobility of the players .