Sony wouldn’t take money from mercy pink costume


For the treatment of breast cancer Overwatch‘ta regulating activity Blizzard, Mercy brought the character of a pink costume. Blizzard stating that he would give all the direct revenues to charities in costume, unlike the Sony, the game’s PS4 version, would buy 22 percent share from the sale of each costume. However, Sony’s move after Overwatch Sony bombarded with criticism from players. This costume which is money earned without any interruption now 12.99 Euro from the sale will go to charities.

Sony announced that it would not generate revenue from mercy’s pink costume

Game PlayStation 4 unlike the version for Xbox One and PC in the same way that profits from sales will go to breast cancer support organizations. When we got to the end, we can say that the Sony was quite nice back from this decision. In addition to all these, Blizzard constantly campaigns to support charities by doing this kind of players pleases. The company previously organized a donation through campaigns in World Of Warcraft. Let’s say Blizzard, will help campaigns organize more in the coming days. On the side of technology, is hosting a fundraiser similar to red iPhone the Apple market.