Solo: a Star Wars story got a new clip from the movie


Star Wars side of the universe as a film which will be released solo: a Star Wars story‘e our days are numbered. Punk’s character of the Star Wars universe Han SoloHan Solo in the movie that mention the story of dozens of new information we will learn. Han Solo’s Gambling at a table published in the new clip Captain Lando calrissian to meet. Binary Solo where there will be a conflict between the sweet: A story of the filming of Star Wars, as can be seen from the trailers doesn’t he ever smiling. Han Solo’s best friend, Chewbacca , who will tell him to meet solo: a Star Wars story, the other is a big expectation of the Star Wars movies, although we rely on the new Disney movie.

Solo: a Star Wars story published in a new

25 May 2018 in the film which will be released on Han Solo‘s completely colorful and fun side. we’ll see. The end of the movie if you where wondering which to connect. The same prediction of the end of the movie in front of the rogueas it was in the original story, which is to be connected in the direction. Finally, Ron Howard‘s sat in the director’s seat, and on the staff of the movie “game of Thrones”, Emilia Clarke, Alden Ehrenreich, names like Donald Glover will be released. You can watch the clip below.