SNK neo-geo 40.a new version is coming that is specific to the year


The company started out in 1978 with independent arcade booths. Ikari Warriors, Vanguard , such as the very popular game, too he signed. In the wake of this success, of course, didn’t have only games. This arcade cabinet control units, much better in standard joystick was designed. These control devices that can offer 360 degree rotation angle, then the firm will be encouraged to develop different controllers like a gun. The games when we come in the middle of the 80s the NES managed to remain on the agenda for devices such as by removing.

SNK neo-geo 40.New Year special version is coming

However, this SNK is the company that will be insufficient to on 31 January 1990, the neo Geo Advanced entertainment system) under the name multi-game arcade cabinets on sale in your stores they took. The event advertising campaign had created. Until then the neo geo’s one of the legendary games console in the house can play without paying a fee all of the stress that affected the people who love. However, these cabinets take up much space in sales due to high prices in the market and the desired number could not be reached. After a year on it, a smaller version of the product, presented to the market in a way that will connect to the TV. Still $ 599 device, and $ 200 was the price of making a game difficult to reach loved ones. The system Nintondo Supermany times stronger than, although at that time it was quite difficult to get a product in this price range. Also MVS cartridges, the Sega Mega Drive or Super Nintendo‘was staying at the gigantic size compared to hers. When we put them all together Neo Geo‘s life can be taken as a great success that continues for 14 years.

Even today, many successful games console available on the market in 1978 the first arcade cabinet with more than 40. to commemorate the year last night announced on Twitter that they would get a new thing. When looking at the image shared, a tabletop device, we think it might be. Probably at this year’s E3 Expo we can’t wait to see the product before us that are likely to arise.