Slitherio Mods New Version


slitherio-mods-newWe will move to some features in this Slitherio game

  • You can use the mouse to zoom in and out when playing
  • Custom Skins
  • You can know your current position on the map.
  • You can track your FPS with the FPS counter.
  • It’s possible to track the FPS of the friend’s server with your current server’s IP address.
  • It’s easy to connect to your friends’ IP and play together.
  • Don’t worry if you have the low-end system! The plain background will make it compatible with any system.
  • Reduce the flow to help the low systems
  • You can select the own graphic mode compatible with your system.
  • Play with a friend by directly connecting to the servers.
  • Saving nick and settings
  • Choosing a Server
  • Toggle Snake Skin Rotator
  • Background Changer
  • Respawn (Esc)
  • Die back to the main Slitherio menu (Q)




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