Slitherio Lag




The first part of spore such as House of cards and even the prosperity of which is subject to an array of high-quality was a source of inspiration to many game makers. By a similar logic, the producers let me do it saying We slither into the middle of yilanli.they took IO.

Slither.opening address via io, you can quickly dive right into the game. Yet due to the first stages, or an advertisement, no unnecessary political messages, nor takimlasma annoying. The game quickly spread and it is easily accessible and very alone in this game because the lag problems are getting busier and hang-ups are causing. It’s still a hugely enjoyable game definitely worth a try. Solve this problem as they invest.

Your goal in the game like the snake, other snakes eat the balls and avoid hitting their bodies. Extremely enjoyable because you can switch from another snake within you kuculte kuculte surrounding food in the meantime, you can speed up the ball by losing an amount with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Agar.IO one of the best things from your opponent, no matter how big you can burn it your self by cutting off even the smallest front.


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