She wants to get tired of superhero movies, James Cameron


As you know, James Cameron’s legendary science fiction film, Avatar, is still seen as the most successful film of all time. However, five of the saga of the Avatar movie being shown relative to planned as the first movie almost ten years including. Of course, cinema from that time to the present day the universe changed quite a bit. New Star Wars series hadn’t started yet and at the same time, the Marvel universe expanded yet new. In an interview with James Cameron, Avatar 2 and talked about superhero movies on the agenda.

Hopefully now we’ll get tired of superheroes

His Titanic and Avatar with Cameron now legendary movie that beats the Avengers box office records films such as we get tired of hope. The Director, because he didn’t like the film, but not the huge guys to fight constantly appeal to men to destroy a city other than stories to be told, ” he adds. Comments about the future of the Avatar in Cameron’savatar 2 and 3 earns a sufficient degree of in that case, he wouldn’t be stepping he added that the fourth and fifth films.

The Avatar’s anticipated second film takes work. Avatar 2 Release Date 18 December 2020 designated as it looks. If everything goes well and the other about the film of the trilogy 2021, 2024, and 2025 is slated to be released in the year of.