Shared information about the players excited for Battlefield 5


The past days made the official presentation of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4‘S biggest rival, Battlefield 5 new details have emerged. Directly DICE in the information that is shared by Battlefield 5 In story mode that would be stated. War stories under the name of the game is to be found in this story mode, Battlefield probably 1. The game’s competitive multiplayer mode is also stating that DICE is going to change, these changes are sure to appeal to players in case. Team play multiplayer modes in the new game from the developers stating that it will be more prone to this expression, we can say that the team of 5 are more prone to Battlefield the game.

New details were shared for Battlefield 5

When we left, aside from the story mode, multi-player modes of Battlefield is of more importance that we know. The team of developers of a game change in the sense that we wonder what happened in the game. Probably the use of more vehicle and weapons in the new game players will be presented in a more detailed way. On May 23, which will be held the official presentation of the game, in the sense of sales Black Ops 4U? Together we will see.

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